Sirhauntsalot Productions
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The Beginnings of Sirhauntsalot Productions



Sirhauntsalot Productions became an idea in 2010.  The idea was to build a Haunted House with less gore and more scare.  Throughout the next year, the idea expanded to include a haunted theme park.  The park will include; multiple haunted houses, a haunted B & B (open year round), and haunted mini golf (possibly open year round).  Since all of this is expensive, I had to figure a way to start the process.  My first idea was to do residential and commercial decorating.  Since I don't have the funds to do more than two displays at a time, I started with my second idea.

     Have you ever bought a foam tombstone only to have it blow away in the wind?  I have.  I came up with making my own tombstones out of a heavier material.  What I came up with is fully customizable.  I can carve and paint whatever I can get to fit.  I’ve done a lot of research and development over the last year, trying to get it right.     In April 2011, I finally got Sirhauntsalot Productions started.  The beginning of my business is making small and medium sized tombstones.  The small ones are approximately 3 inches by 5 ½ inches tall and the medium ones are 3 inches by 6 ½ inches.  Large ones are available through custom orders only.  They are approximately 10 inches by 18 inches tall.     Within the next three years, the business will expand into the decorating side.  I will be able to design and decorate small haunted houses (specializing in cemetery scenes), with decorations, music/sound effects, and other effects as well.     I have already designed and decorated one small haunted house at a church (see photos).  I had a lot of fun building this haunted house and scaring the visitors.

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