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Future of SHALP

    August 2012
    My goal this year is to get my tombstones for sale at local Haunted houses.  So if you know people who own the haunted houses, send them my way.  I will be in contact with some of them soon, I hope  :)

    I have sent a proposal letter to two haunted houses.  I have not heard back from them, but I hope to soon.

    Designing and decorating displays will be available this year as well.  I look forward to being able to have new pics available for all of you to enjoy. 

    I also would like to get at least one haunted attraction up and running within 10 years.

I am working on sales proposals for this year.  If anyone can help me write up an "eye catching" proposal, please contact me at .

It is now 2013.  Let us make this a spooky year!!!!!

Look for updates on this site.  I will be adding new pages and pictures.

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